About Us

We are a third-generation paving contractor who take pride in getting the best possible quality job with the most modern equipment in the industry

From small, residential pavement repairs, to large commercial building projects, ABC Paving Pro the equipment, experience, and dedicated tradesmen you need to handle all of your paving projects and needs.

When you need an experienced pavement professional, ABC Paving Pro is one of the premier contractors serving the Kingwood, TX area. We have experience with a variety of pavement materials and our professional tradesmen take pride in delivering the best results for your home or business. We use the right equipment and industry proven techniques to install, seal, repair, and help you maintain all types of pavement. Our experienced crews work with asphalt, concrete and a variety of techniques to provide decorative touches on all types of projects.

Contact us today to speak with one of our dedicated project managers and to let us tell you more about the full line of paving services available from ABC Paving Pro.